Our Services

Financial Planning

Zemenick & Walker works to create a financial plan unique to each client that takes into consideration their whole financial picture. Below are the various aspects of the planning process that we focus on when building investment portfolios.

Investment Planning

After performing a comprehensive due diligence process, we will create an investment portfolio that is appropriate for each client. With a focus on diversification, Zemenick & Walker helps the client establish an asset allocation mix that employs multiple asset classes and conforms to the clients’ long-term goals and risk tolerance. Client investments are reviewed on an ongoing basis to determine whether any changes to lifestyle necessitate a shift in investment strategy.

Estate Planning

We will coordinate with your estate attorney to ensure that your wealth is transferred according to your wishes.

Tax Planning

We work in tandem with clients’ tax professionals to ensure that investment recommendations are executed in the most tax-efficient way possible. The team is also cognizant that tax laws change frequently and works to stay informed on any changes. Nobody likes paying taxes, but they are an important element to be aware of in the financial planning process.

Cash Flow Planning

Managing the flow of money into and out of portfolios is essential to clients’ financial wellbeing. Frequent or one-time deposits must be managed appropriately to ensure that they are being invested according to the long-term goals of the client. It is also important for clients to be able to fund any expenses in a tax-efficient way to meet their needs.

Retirement Planning

Many individuals’ largest financial and life goal is retirement. We will help you to determine an appropriate portfolio and strategy to ensure that your assets can support you when that time comes.